Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow | Crossovers

Arrow is a TV series about Green Arrow/ Oliver Green , a DC comic character who fights crime in Starling city.

Flash is also a fictional superhero comic character on the basis on which a TV series was made in 2014. His superpower is intense speed.

DC’s Legends of tomorrow is an action TV series launched in Jan 2016. It belongs to the same fictional universe as Arrow and Flash. In LOT, Time Master Rip Hunter’s objective is to stop Vandal Savage from destroying the world in time and for this he creates a team of heroes as well as villains who have been previously introduced in these superhero series.

Arrow and Flash have unending crossovers throughout both the TV series and Legends of tomorrow is the spin-off  from the collision of both these shows which already exist in the same universe.

The never ending saga of crossovers

Flash TV series is quite incomplete without Arrow. Barry Allen/Flash was first spotted on two Arrow episodes. Flash helped Team Arrow to defeat Cyprus Gold and making Oliver a domino mask. With situations leading to an explosion at STAR labs, an energy wave engulfs the city and Barry is struck by lighting. This is the moment when Flash was born and the spin-off of flash series began from here.

  1. After this initial interaction, there are numerous other times crossover has occurred. Oliver Queen/Green Arrow appeared in the Flash episode first where he gives Barry some superhero advice and Barry was seen in Arrow season 3, in which he makes a call to Oliver to set up a meeting.
  2. Felicity goes to Central city in Flash episode 4 and helps stop Leonard Snart / Captain Cold in his path. In seventh episode of Flash, William Tockman / Clock King the villain of Arrow makes an appearance.
  3. Barry helped Oliver in Arrow season 3 and Oliver inspired Barry to stand up to his task. This shows the depth of reliance the two characters have on each other, even if we know they are not best buddies.
  4. The ultimate crossover is the creation of Legends of tomorrow. The entire TV series can be considered a crossover of Arrow and Flash.

Arrow and Flash have already joined forces. Barry along with Team Arrow have the mission of protecting Kendra Saunders and dealing with an immortal villain named Vandal Savage.

Legends of Tomorrow is a perfect spin-off with cast from Arrow and The Flash

With LOT, we have seen an introduction of some new and some established characters who play a vital role for the show’s plot. This way fans of both Arrow and Flash will be able to recognize the old characters and be introduced to the new ones with the new mission.

The main characters in LOT are-

  • Professor Martin Stein / Firestorm: First seen in Flash, Stein is a nuclear physicist who works on transmutation. He is one-half of Firestorm.
  • Ray Palmer / Atom: Introduced in Arrow, Palmer is a scientist and CEo of Palmer Technologies who created a powerful shrinking suit.
  • Rip Hunter: He is a time traveller from the future, first seen in Arrow. His mission is to destroy Vandal Savage before he destroys the world.
  • Sara Lance / White Canary– First seen in Arrow season 2 as Canary, she dies in season 3 and is resurrected in season 4 and took up the name White Canary.
  • Jefferson Jackson / Firestorm: Introduced in Flash, He is the other half that makes up Firestorm. When the powers of Professor Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson combine they create Firestorm.

Other important characters include Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Chronos and Captain Cold.

The fun of watching LOT is in discovering the unfolding of the plot and with the exciting concept of travelling through the ages with beloved characters. Maybe in the next upcoming episodes there will be further familar references and characters from Arrow and Flash but this is kept a mystery as of now.

However, there is one example of major crossover in LOT

In the sixth episode of LOT, we do get to see a bit of Oliver  in ‘Star City 2046‘ episode.

The LOT team travel in time to 2046 and search for essentials to repair the ship. It comes as a surprise to find Green Arrow fighting with a gang, but he actually turns out to be Connor who tells them that Oliver had died 15 years ago.

Later when the team searches for Arrow’s old hideout, they actually find Oliver alive. He is old and without an arm . He even helps them out with resources. Later on after Conner becomes a prisoner to Wilson, Sara tries to convince Oliver to once again become the masked vigilante. He agrees, they save Connor and defeat Wilson.

This episode shows us that Legends of Tomorrow actually featured Oliver/Green Arrow, so there is a chance that there might be similar appearances in the future.

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