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banshee show review

This Cinemax series Banshee is set in the fictional town of Banshee in Pennsylvania Amish country. The main character of the show is an enigmatic ex-con (Antony Starr) who take up the identity of the city’s murdered sheriff whose name is Lucas Hood. He does this to hide from the powerful crime lord Rabbit (Ben Cross).

Banshee and Lucas Hood, the inevitable bond

The main character of the show is released after serving 15 years for planning to keep $15 million in diamonds that he was stealing as part of his job for his employer, a mob boss named Rabbit. However, his former lover and the daughter of the Rabbit, Anastasia, took off with the diamonds herself.
Rabbit wants the ex-con to lead him to his daughter and his diamonds and in an attempt to flee from him after being released, he reaches Banshee in Pennsylvania Amish country. Anastasia has been living her all along under the pseudonym of Carrie Hopewell, the wife of the DA with two children.
However, things get more difficult for the ex-con when the new sheriff, Lucas Hood arrives in town and is killed on the same day when he tries to stop a fight between local criminals and the bar owner. The ex-con then takes up the identity of the now dead Lucas Hood and tries to deal with the ex-Amish crime lord Kai Proctor, while sorting things out with “Carrie” and getting his share of diamonds, all the while trying to avoid Rabbit.

Carrie Hopewell and Lucas Hood, a tale of unrequited love

In the first season, Lucas Hood has to deal with sorting his relationship with Carrie Hopewell. All under the looming threat of Rabbit finding them. Lucas Hood doesn’t care for the law when he’s clashing with Kai Proctor, and his often pursues his criminal activities, including alienating his deputies. Rabbit succeeds in tracking the couple down and takes Hood hostage, who exchanges himself for Carrie’s safety. Carrie leads some of her criminals; accomplices and the deputies to raid Rabbit’s hideout and frees Hood, shooting Rabbit in the process.

Struggles between the tribal chief, Lucas Hood, and Kai Proctor

The second season deals with the tribal chief Alex Longshadow who wants to build a casino on the reservation. This places Sheriff Lucas Hood in a heated, violent struggle between the Longshadow and Kai Proctor.
On the other hand, Carrie Hopewell is imprisoned for going against her father and raiding his hideout and shooting him. Carrie is trying to fix her marriage as well, and Lucas Hood enters into a relationship with his deputy Siobhan.
After a while, the real Lucas Hood’s son comes searching into Banshee for his father and the burden increases on the fake Sheriff Hood.
However, when they learn that Rabbit survives being shot, Carrie and Lucas decide to track down the mob boss and settle their debt with him once and for all.

Banshee characters who are important to the plot

Antony Starr as mysterious Lucas Hood

Antony Starr plays the mysterious and enigmatic ex-con who assumed the identity of the new and newly murdered sheriff Lucas Hood. He is released after15 years in prison for being caught having $15 million in diamonds, which he had stolen for Rabbit. Anastasia – Rabbit’s daughter and Lucas’ lover – takes all the diamonds and runs away to the town of Banshee, where Lucas Hood meets her after he runs away from Rabbit.

Ivana Milicevic is Carrie Hopewell aka Anastasia

Ivana Milicevic plays the role of Anastasia Robotic, the daughter of the mob boss Rabbit. She later changes her name to Carrie Hopewell, after she runs away with the $15 million diamonds that Lucas Hood had stolen for Rabbit. She is married to the DA, Gordon, in the town of Banshee. She has two children, Deva and Max, who have no idea about her criminal past and family background.

Ulrich Thomsen as Kai Proctor, the crime lord of Banshee

Ulrich Thomsen plays the crime lord of Banshee named Kai Proctor. He’s a kingpin and a business person in Banshee. Proctor was originally part of Banshee’s Amish community. But he abandoned his faith for the sake of crime. In season 4, he becomes the new Mayor of Banshee.

Frankie Faison as Sugar Bates

He plays a retired boxer and an ex-con just like the fake Lucas Hood. He is a bar owner, and he befriends Hood and is aware that he also a criminal.

Hoon Lee as Job, the computer mastermind

He is a computer hacker named Job and Hood’s criminal accomplice, just like Sugar. He is also in the same situation as Lucas Hood and is hiding from Rabbit. He is forced to move to Banshee after his identity is revealed.

Lili Simmons as Rebecca

Rebecca is Kai Proctor’s niece and there is something rebellious about her that pulls her towards the ways and world of her uncle Kai. She is a screen scorcher who is also smitten by the puppy eyes of Lucas Hood.

lili simmons banshee rebecca

Banshee show reception

After the first season had been released, the show got a rating of 61% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is equal to an average rating of 5.9/10, sampled from 23 reviews. Later this swelled to a cumulative of 88% from 40+ reviews.

The show holds a score of 61/100 on Metacritic, which means that it got favourable reviews in general.
The Wall Street Journal critic Dorothy Rabinowitz wrote that

The smartness of the show comes shining through despite the claptrap, referring to all that parade of sex, soft-porn scenes, noisiness is exceeded only by their unconvincingness, and it’s a story that is littered with intriguingly repellent characters, like Kai Proctor, the local evil tycoon and it grows ever more enticing.

The San Francisco Chronicle said that the Banshee has a solid pedigree, it’s also part of Cinemax’s effort to expand its original programming. It says that the effort pays off due to Banshee.
However, it did have negative reviews. A Boston Herald critic described the show as “a slow-pokey drama punctuated by shocking violence and sex.”

Banshee show review – Final verdict

The show is not bad for those who enjoy a little senseless porn and violence, along with a smartness that only comes out when you pay proper attention to the show. The show may look like a drama that has too much violence, but to mix the two equally and present something worth watching is a great feat and it should be appreciated. Not many drama-issue shows incorporate any gore and violence well. This is more a tale of unrequited love and that feeling of longing-ness just keeps on swelling every time you see Lucas and Carrie on screen.
It’s a good show to watch!


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