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Battle of the bastards,which is the  latest episode in Game of Thrones, took a massive effort in shooting the iconic sequences. Boy, it all paid off really well. I mean, there was not a single moment which was not epic in any way.

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Daenerys Stormborn, breaker of chains reclaims Meereen

The dragons of Daenerys Targaryen vanquish the perpetrators who were trying to siege the free town of Meereen. The absence of Daenerys coupled with the desire to annex the apex city prompted the masters to claim the town and slaves for themselves. But it was not to be and our favorite dragon trio of Drogon and the recently unchained Rhaegal and Viserion literally fried the enemies in a badass sequence that featured some of the grandest special effects the show has ever produced.

Ramsey Bolton strikes again, another Stark falls

In Winterfell,  a battle of the bastards seems inevitable. Jon Snow challenges Ramsey to a duel so that no other human has to die. This irks Ramsey and he weighs his options to do the unthinkable again! He releases Rickon Stark and forces him to run towards his brother meanwhile shooting arrows at the boy. Just when Jon was about to rescue Rickon from the harm’s way, an arrow pierces Rickon’s heart and he drops dead right in front of his brother.

battle of the bastards

Devastated by this sudden loss, Jon becomes numb for some moments. Taking advantage of this situation Ramsey instructs his cavalry to attack. Jon almost sure of meeting his maker gets prepared as we see him standing in the middle with galloping horsemen charging towards him!!!

This was the scene shown in the episode trailer which opened the discussion as to how will Jon escape that?

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The pic which was talking point of many speculations on the internet.

Battle of the bastards is by far the best episode this season!

This season, every next episode seems better than the previous one. This a complete win-win situation for the fans of Game of Thrones. Not that I am complaining , but watching Ramsey thrashed to pulp by Jon Snow was an endearing sight !!!

The monumental fight sequence shows Jon, Tormund, Sir Davos, and Wun Wun all fighting to their full potential. But in battle, the numbers are also crucial. As we know, the Stark army was at most the half of Bolton army; slowly the battle seemed to move in favor of Ramsey. The Boltons were almost on the verge to do complete wipeout when suddenly a horn blew and boy…we see Sansa standing with Littlefinger while the Vale forces tear into the opposition.

battle of the bastards ramsey

You got served !

What we learn from ‘Battle of the Bastards’

In life, we can take few lessons from this latest episode of GoT –

  1. You may be a hero, but at times, patience is more important than valor.
  2. If everything is moving the way you want, it’s not a guarantee of the desired outcome.
  3.  Sometimes shit happens, and the only way left is to move forward.
  4. Numbers and statistics can tell a lot about the outcome but it is the x factor which always decides the outcome.
  5. Self-remorse can sometimes make bad guys do good things.
  6. The night is bleakest just before the dawn. House Stark is a classic example.

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