Beowulf Reboot Review | Return to the shieldlands

The origin of Beowulf

Beowulf is a British epic fantasy television series filled with drama and action. Based on the ‘Old English Poem’ it is one of the most revered pieces of Western literature. The saga is mainly based on a Scandinavian Hero of the Geats, Beowulf. This audacious hero comes to the aid of Hrothgar, the King of Danes and helps to protect the mead hall of Hrothgar in Heorat, which is under attack by an evil monster named Grendel. The book symbolizes the political undercurrents and inner turmoil and simultaneously, it is a rollicking adventure crammed with warriors, monsters and paroxysms of violence.

Other works on Beowulf till now

The ‘Old English Poem’ lead to the production of two films named ‘Beowulf’. One of these films was produced in 1999, Directed by Graham Baker, starring Christopher Lambert, Rhona Mitra and Oliver Cotton in the leading roles. The other film was produced in 2007, Directed by Robert Zemeckis starring Ray Winstone, Crispin Glover and Angelina Jolie in the leading roles. Both the films adopted the same concept as provided in the traditional English Poem, in which the hero (Beowulf) fights Grendel and his mother for his land’s freedom and harmony. However, Beowulf in 2007 was an animated classic using the motion capture format for the first time. After the success of both these fantasy based movies, the professionals set out to create a TV series for the followers of Beowulf.

The Reboot – Return to the Shieldlands

One of the leading TV Networks of UK, ITV, has produced a TV series named ‘Beowulf: Return to Shieldlands’ to tend to the hunger of Beowulf addicts. The TV series consists of 13 episodes in total. The series is a masterpiece of the spectacular trio of James Dormer, Tim Haines and Katie Newman. Dorman wrote the series based on the original ‘Beowulf’ literature and executive produced alongside Haines and Katie. However, the production of the series was done by Stephen Smallwood. The series began airing in United Kingdom from 3rd January, 2016 and has broadcasted 4 action packed episodes till now. The series gives an overview about Beowulf’s fight for the survival of Hrothgar’s mead hall after returning from a long exile. The lead role of Beowulf is played by Kieran Bew. Lolita Chakrabarti plays as Lila and William Hurt act as Hrothgar to take this series to the next level of fantasy and action.

The first episode starts off as Beowulf arrives in Herot after discovering that Hrothgar, Thanedom’s former ruler passed away. Hrothgar was the man who adopted Beowulf after his father’s death so he returns to pay his final condolences. In the second episode, Beowulf is responsible for catching the killer who is at large in the kingdom while other Thanes are travelling to the ‘Gathering’. As the third episode begins, Slean and Scorann vanish unexpectedly. Beowulf and Rate set off to find them in the forest, as Rheda’s leadership depends on Scorann’s vote. Till the fourth episode, Rheda struggles to prove herself worthy as leader of the Shieldlands, as war among the tribes threatens the fall of Herot.

The series is aimed towards giving the viewers and followers of Beowulf an experience similar to what they witnessed in the movies and the book. As the series progress, the story line gets more exciting offering the viewers more than they bargained for!

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