Best US tv shows to watch in 2016|Ultimate List


The best US tv shows list for 2016 is here. We, at TV Rantz, have tried to cover some of the awesome shows that you can watch this summer with your family and friends.

In the last ten years, the television has changed a lot and so does our list which can easily guide you towards some awesome US tv shows in 2016

As there are many genres to discuss, we have compiled a list of top US tv shows, who are high on IMD rating and getting a good response from the audience.

Best US tv shows to watch in 2016, the ultimate list

1. Game of Thrones



IMDb score – 9.5

When HBO aired this fantasy drama 6 years ago, little did they know that this show would set a benchmark for the whole US tv shows industry. GoT is based on the novel A song of ice and fire by George RR Martin. It tells the story of a mythical land Westeros which is the epicenter of the struggle of various families for the one throne.

  2. Better call Saul




IMDb score – 8.8

From the makers of Breaking Bad, this show captures the metamorphosis of Jimmy Mcgill to Saul Goodman in the years prior to the events of BB. Before coming to Albuquerque, Saul was known as Jimmy Mcgill, a happy go lucky guy with a nice heart. His brother Chuck, whose legacy law firm HHM is considered among the best, often disapproves of his brother’s ways. This story quite beautifully captures the transformation of Jimmy Mcgill to Saul Goodman piece by piece. The spontaneity and the characters will make you fall in love with this show a la Breaking Bad style.

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3. The Walking Dead



IMDb score – 8.5

The Walking Dead is that zombie apocalypse show that has got almost all the right elements(cast, storyline, and cinematography) to keep the viewers glued to their idiot box. The story revolves around  sheriff Rick Grimes after he comes back home to find his city is overrun by zombies. He is joined by survivors who stick together hoping to make it unscathed till the end. But can they? that’s one question you need to figure out for yourself.

4. True Detective



IMDb score – 9.1

This is an anthology series which is very different from other cop dramas. The show creator Nick Pizzolatto made sure that whether it is the camera angles, the plot or the actors playing characters; all present a solid punch. The casting is so clever with biggies like Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Vince Vaughn, Colin Ferrel and Rachel Mcadams are cast in the first two seasons. This show illuminates the deep, dark corners of the human psyche that we most certainly miss out on other shows. At some point, you will think that all the characters are broken to some extent but there is something that makes them tick momentarily.

5. Silicon Valley



IMDb score – 8.5

It is a comedy jibe at the way of things in the Silicon Valley. Richard Hendricks and his team of developers make a super file compression software. The problem arises when the current industry bigwig Hooli’s CEO, Gavin Belson comes to play his hooli(ganism) card ! The comic timing is too good to bore you and some scenes have a serious potential of inspiring the entrepreneur in you. A must watch for the nerds. In fact, some are actually rating it better than BBT(you know who!!).

6. Daredevil



IMDb rating – 8.8

Marvel has waged a war of some sorts on television. With titles like Jessica Jones, Agents of Shield, Agent Carter and Daredevil hitting the small screen one after another has opened an opportunity with the networks to bring the superheroes directly to your televisions. Charlie Cox plays the visually impaired superhero to perfection, who has other senses to his rescue. The fight sequence is amazing and almost looks real. You just can’t afford to miss this show which explores the life of Hell’s kitchen vigilante both as a lawyer and the masked devil.

7. Mr. Robot



IMDb rating – 8.8

Mr. Robot follows the story of Elliot, a young New York computer programmer, who suffers from social anxiety. He is recruited by an anarchist organization of hackers whose sole aim is to bring down the most influential corporation Evil corp on knees. This show is a very dark take on the strands of illusion that we have created around us. Compelled by his personal beliefs, Elliot struggles to resist the chance to take down the multinational CEOs that are running (and ruining) the world. It is one of those nerdy US tv shows, which successfully establish a familar bond with the viewers.




IMDb rating – 8.6

Show creator Michael Hirst brings the legend of Ragnar Lothbrok on the small screen with ultimate conviction. The Norse belief puts Ragnar as one of the brave and influential rulers in history. Currently into it’s 5th season, the show is a treat to watch if you are the fan of period drama like GoT. The legend puts Ragnar as a direct descendent of Odin, the father of Thor. It is a great series if you are looking forward to some awesome battle sequences backed by an equally engaging storyline.

9. Supernatural


IMDb rating – 8.6

The Winchesters are entertaining the masses for over 10 years now. This show never ceases to amaze me. Be it the bromance or the quirky comedy sequences, Supernatural is just too good to be lost in the purgetory of slain tv shows. Dean and Sam Winchester embark on their family business, which is hunting supernatural abominations and monsters. Currently in it’s 11th season, Eric Kripke does a fabulous job of constantly redefining the class of the show.

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10. Banshee



IMDb rating – 8.4

Banshee is among those US tv shows which leave you with a feeling of longing in the end. It is a small town in Pennsylvania, where an imposter by the name of Lucas Hood comes as a new sheriff. Things start going south when the past starts catching up to him. The theme of Banshee is plain and simple – Love. Here the choices and the results matter a lot as every step you take is bound to create many enemies who have been unperturbed till now.

11. Narcos



IMDb rating – 8.9

A bird’s eye view at the chronicled life and operations of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. The presentation and the storytelling method used by the show creator are quite unique. The voice-over by the protagonist gives this show a much better reception than any other offering on the subject.

12. Making a Murderer



IMDb rating – 8.9

This is a real-life thriller story of Steven Avery, who in the course of exposing corruption in local law enforcement, ends up becoming the prime suspect of a crime. The protagonist is played by the guy himself, which calls for a great sequence of events. A must watch if real-life crime stories is your thing.

So, these US tv shows are into our ultimate list to watch in 2016. What are yours?


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