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A prequel to R L Stevenson’s Treasure Island

Black sails is an American television series filled with drama and adventure. The series is set on the New Providence Island and is a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel ‘Treasure Island’. In contrast to ‘Treasure Island’, this television series was created to reflect the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean Sea. The series show the peak of piracy in the age when the British Colony of New Providence Island was a lawless territory. The fear of pirates roared among the hearts of people and the one that was feared most among these pirates was Captain Flint. As the mystery unfolds, new twists and turns compliment the adventure this series beholds.

Black Sails | where fiction meets reality

The series is set roughly two decades before the event of Treasure Island took place and during the ‘Golden Age of Piracy’. The feared Captain Flint fights for the survival of New Providence Island along with a younger member of the crew. Many real life pirates are characterized in this series such as the great Blackbeard. The main plot of the first two seasons revolves around the Spanish Treasure galleon Urca de Lima. As the British Navy emerges, another side of the ever feared Captain Flint is showcased. He allies with the beautiful Eleanor Guthrie and embarks a journey for the ultimate Spanish Treasure; Urca de Lima.

Black Sails puts pirates in a new light

2 seasons have been broadcasted and are on air while the 1st episode of season 3 has been launched as the adventure continues. In the first season, after facing mutiny from his own crew, Captain Flint sets off to find the Spanish treasure with a young member of his crew, John Silver. As the season unfolds, Captain Flint is fighting for the survival of new Providence Island. The hunt for the Spanish Treasure is on as everything changes for Eleanor. In the second season, Captain Flint and John Silver are forced to face trial in front of the crew. As the problems grow for Flint and Eleanor, war is declared leaving New Providence Island in a state of mutiny.

The series is filmed at Cape Town Film Studios in Cape Town, South Africa with the help of a local production company Film Afrika. The series is created by Jonathan. E Steinberg and Robert Levine. Steinberg is the executive producer alongside Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, Andrew Form. The co-executive producers are Michael Angeli, Doris Egan and Levine himself. The series reveal a number of stars acting in different roles and taking the show to the next level. However, the stars who played the leading roles were Toby Stephens as Captain Flint, Hannah New as Eleanor Guthrie and Luke Arnold as Long John Silver.

Black Sails is a fantastic series which gives you a pirated experience of the Caribbean’s from the opening scene till the last episode of season 3 aired on January 23rd, 2016. The details and realism the show reflects shows an adventurous experience in every episode. The followers and readers of Treasure Island are offered a chance to continue the adventurous book in the shape of this drama filled saga.


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