Game of Thrones |The Red Woman episode review

There may be many tales about families and thrones. But, the series premiere of the sixth season of Game of Thrones brought us surprises like none other. George RR Martin is a master at shortening lifelines of characters and in this very first episode of the sixth season again, made sure of this fact. Not one or two but three pertinent characters fell in this long-awaited premiere.

Across the lands of Westeros the tables have turned for a lot of characters. The opening scene saw Sir Davos finding the brutally stabbed body of the Lord commander of the Night’s watch, John Snow. Several miles away in the kingdom of Dorne the first casualty of the season takes place when Ellaria and Sand Snakes pulled off a coup and killed the new leader Doran. Soon Tristane Martell follows the fate of his father. Though brief, but it was one of the many notable scenes of the episode.

In another location near Winterfell, Sansa Start is seen on the run with Theon Greyjoy aka Reek where she is almost captured by the soldiers. She receives help and a formidable ally in Brienne of Tarth who along with Podrick makes it at the exact moment the ominous was about to happen.

Arya Stark, who is blind now, is living a life begging for coins. Her endeavour is put to test when Jaqen’s sidekick tries to train her to fight, without sight. Back in Kingslanding Cersei Lannister receives news of an impending ship, which later turns out to be Jaime Lannister along with the body of their daughter Myrcella. The creator has made every effort to show the change of shade in the portrayal of a once conniving character who has now been reduced to a mere short haired reflection of herself.

Daenerys Targaryen, who was last seen in the company of Dothraki, finds herself in a tight spot after a route long pervasive comments of her captive soldiers. She comes across their leader Khal Moro whose eyes lit up the moment he puts them on her fair body. To avoid further embarrassment Daenerys conveys about her being widow of Khal Drogo, which changes things very quickly for her.

The biggest revelation in Game of Thrones so far is the red woman

Melisandre, our sassy witch, is the one who takes the word unexpected to a whole new level. At the closing scene it is shown that the moment she takes her necklace off(along with her clothes!), she is transformed into a frail and old woman. At this point, it is not clear whether the necklace gives her the charm of the youth or she is using some kind of Glamor spell, as referred in the books.

Game of Thrones S06E01 Review

This was another golden arrow from the ever-teemed quiver of this show. It is a credit to HBO for coming up with this saga about different families vying for the Iron throne. In coming days, we are going to discuss a lot about this show, but for now, this much will make do.



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  • Game of Thrones S06E01 The Red Woman - Episode Review

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