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The season 6 finale episode of Game of Thrones is titled ‘ The winds of winter’. After several weeks of making mayhem in our minds and internet, the current season has delivered the final episode on Sunday. Now that winter is here in Westeros, we are not complaining anymore!

season 6 finale

Finally, things are moving the way every Game of Thrones fan wanted to. The season 6 finale episode ‘The winds of winter’ is special for numerous reasons :

  1. The season 6 finale was the longest episode in terms of time duration.
  2. This is the last episode which is shot in a pre-Brexit era.
  3. This is the last time that we have seen the 10th episode as the finale in a season.
  4. This is the first time the fans are not left with a heavy heart after a finale.

Let’s relish some moments of the season 6 finale which was mega epic in every way!

Kingslanding : The trial of Cersei Lannister

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The opening sequence of season 6 finale shows a number of characters getting ready for the big day, the High Sparrow, King Tommen, and Cersei . When the time to leave for the courtroom comes, King Tommen is forbidden to go outside his room by none other than the Mountain! Prince Loras Tyrell is brought in the courtroom and his trial ends before even it would start. Reason? he gleefully accepted to renounce all his titles and devote the rest of his days in the service of the Seven Septs. The smirk on the face of High Sparrow tells it all that he seems to be having the last laugh.

Meanwhile at another location, Grand Maester Pycelle is shown getting stabbed to death after receiving an apology from Qyburn for the thing which is going to take place with the council maester. Back in the courtroom Queen Margaery, after not finding Cersei and his son in the same room, starts suspecting of a coop. Outside Lancel, the young zealot, is lured into the underground rooms below the courtroom where he encounters Qyburn’s little bird who slashes his Achilles tendon with a knife. His eyes convey the horror perfectly when he sees the attic filled with barrels of wildfire.

With a loud noise the whole courtroom is blown to pieces eviscerating each individual inside immediately. At her window, Cersei is seen dressed in royal attire staring at the carnage with stormy eyes.

season 6 finale cersei

Queen Cersei Lannister

Forbes publishes, Cersei is the author of her own prophecy. The witch told her she’d lose all her children, but it was Cersei who ultimately provoked Tommen’s death. The boy king, overwhelmed by the monstrosity of his mother’s crime, undoubtedly racked with guilt at his own part in it, and grieving for the loss of his wife and all the other dead, sets down his crown and then steps out the window.

Arya Stark takes her revenge for the Red Wedding

In the north, past the Riverlands to the seat of House Frey, Jaime is seen attending the feast to celebrate the return of Riverrun to the Freys. Lord Walder Frey is seen chuckling with Jaime about how they both are kingslayers and it is fear that inbreeds true power. Jaime gives Lord Frey a reality check by saying no one fears the Freys, it’s the Lannisters that are feared.

After Jaime leaves the vicinity, Lord Frey is seen enjoying his supper with just a lady attending to her. He asks her about his sons to which she asserts that they are already there. Lord Frey slowly removes the upper layer of the pie, which he was gorging on and is horrified to find his sons butchered into the meal. The tables are turned when the lady removes her face and we see Arya Stark with revengeful eyes.

season 6 finale arya

Arya Stark avenging the Red Wedding tragedy

With a swift action, she slits his throat and we can see the satisfaction in her eyes for avenging the deaths of her mother and brother at the hands of the Freys.

So with another evil person out of the way, we fly further north to the snowy lands of Winterfell

Bran sees the truth behind Jon Snow’s lineage

Benjen Stark brings Bran and Meera near the Wall and asks them to carry their journey forward on their own. He mentions the strong spells that keep the Wall standing and keep the Dead from getting past it. So long as the Wall is standing, the dead can’t cross.

season 6 finale bran

Bran listening to the last conversation between Ned and Lyanna Stark

Bran, who is now the Three-Eyed Raven, soon discovers the true lineage of Jon Snow when he listens to the last conversation between his father Ned and aunt Lyanna Stark at the Tower of Joy. We already know about the Tower of Joy scene from the previous episodes that Raeghar Targaryen abducted Ned’s sister and brought her there.

In this episode, we learn that she gave birth to a boy and urges her brother Ned to make a promise to protect and raise the child as his own.

Speaking of Jon, let’s see what Winterfell has in store after the epic Battle of the Bastards

Winterfell : All hail the king in the North

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After winning the last episode’s battle with Ramsey Bolton, Jon is seen with Melisandre telling her about the times when he was there during any feast. Sir Davos enters the room and accuses the Red Priestess of murdering Shireen Baratheon in cold blood by burning her at the stake. Davos rightly points out that any God who would have you burn little girls at the stake must be evil, which I think is a very good point. While Melisandre’s god may be against the White Walkers, that doesn’t mean he’s at all “good” or beneficent.After hearing everything, Jon banishes Melisandre to ride for South and never come back. If she comes then she would be charged with murder.

season 6 finale jon

Jon Snow is the new ‘King in the North’

In the great hall of Winterfell, as the various Houses and knights and wildlings all argue over what to do, the wonderful Lady Mormont cuts through all the bickering and chastises the Lords Manderly and Glover for their shameful refusal to help Jon Snow. Then she tells the onlookers that she doesn’t care if he’s a bastard or not, he’s her King in the North.

season 6 finale mormont

The wonderful Lady Mormont

Now we head towards Bay of the dragons(earlier known as Slaver’s bay), as fondly called by the mother of dragons where her fleet to conquer Westeros departs.

Meereen : Daenerys leaves for Westeros with Tyrion and Varys

Finally, in season 6 finale we see, Dany is leaving the moribund and dreadfully boring slaver cities for Westeros. She’s leaving with a fleet of ships, a horde of barbarian Dothraki, and three dragons. She’s named Tyrion as Hand of the Queen and she has her trusted advisers all around her. Only Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis, the two men who love her, won’t be making the journey. That’s sad but such is the state of affairs in politics where love is deemed a luxury!

season 6 finale 2

Tyrion kneeling to Daenerys after being named ‘Hand of the Queen’

Some more thoughts over season 6 finale :

  • It was good to see Samwell Tarly getting inside the Citadel for becoming a maester. We sincerely hope this one will be a great deal of help to Jon Snow in fighting the White Walkers.
  • All the Tyrells, except the family matriarch, are dead. Margaery was definitely planning something with High Sparrow. But now, everything has been crushed to silence.
  • Lady Mormont can clearly be called a silver lining in this gloomy, treacherous and scheming saga of thrones. Her strength of character is praiseworthy even by the knights, lords and rulers!
  • Arya Stark has emerged powerful along with her needle after the horrendous series of misfortunes that befell her in the previous seasons. Now she is a trained assassin, which is quite dangerous for her enemies(Cersei beware!)

I am sure I would have missed something in this review but I have tried my best to illuminate all the happenings of the mythical land of Westeros and Essos. Kindly leave your valuable comments sharing your views and experience about the season 6 finale which was very fulfilling for us fans.

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