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It’s time for some of the GoT top fan theories! Yes, you read it right. Fans of Game of Thrones can never seem to get enough of the story as if it were not complicated enough already! Every start of the new season leads to endless discussions and assumptions of how the story should move forward.

Every start of the new season leads to endless discussions and assumptions of how the story should move forward. Of course, it is an entirely different scenario for those who read the books before hand. But  those who religiously follow the TV series are not running out of imagination as they present predictions, backstories/ secrets of characters and discuss how the epic show will come to an end.

GoT top fan theories –

Jon Snow doesn’t die

In the fifth season, Snow is attacked at Night’s watch and killed but some say that there might be a chance that he could be seen on the show again. Either of the few things could happen- He doesn’t die in the first place, or he is resurrected by Melisandre or he’s reborn in the fire when the Night’s Watch tries to burn his body or he lives on as an ice zombie- White Walker.

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Jon Snow, a Targaryen?

Speaking of Jon Snow, many speculate the possibility that his real parents are actually Lyanna Stark, sister of Ned and  Rhaegar Targaryen. This claim is based on the story that Ned found Lyanna at the Tower of Joy in a pool of blood, maybe she bled to death from childbirth, and she asked Ned to promise her something before she died. There is a good chance that she wanted Ned to take the baby, Jon, and keep him safe.

Lyanna was abducted by Rhaegar and if the father of the child she gave birth to was  Rhaegar’s then it means Jon Snow, their son is half Targaryen. If this information was known to Robert Baratheon, he would have killed Jon, (Robert wanted every Targaryen person dead)  so she probably asked Ned to keep her son(Jon) alive. This explains many things. Ned could have lied that Jon was his illegitimate son to protect his true identity. In the books, Jon and Lyanna are symbolized using blue winter roses. Many a time, Jon is said to look very similar to Arya and it is mentioned that Arya resembles her aunt Lyanna.

If this is true, this makes Jon the nephew of Queen Daenerys Targaryen . If he really is a Targaryen, it  makes him the heir to the throne.

Tyrion Lannister is a Targaryen

There is a three-headed dragon theory which states that three descendants of the Targaryen will rule dragons. If Jon is the second one, then is Tyrion the third? There are many reasons to believe this. Tyrion looks less like a Lannister anyway- apart from the dwarfism he has hair and eyes which are not typical to Lannisters. He is said to have hair so blonde as to be white which is more like Targaryen than Lannister

Even though there is no proof, some believe that Tyrion could be the son of Mad King and Tywin’s wife, Joanna Lannister. Tywin also denies him as a son on more than one occasion- like before Tyrion kills Tywin, he says ‘You are no son of mine’.

The legend of Azor Ahai 

This legend revolves around a hero who was also called ‘The Prince that was Promised’. He is the hero who defeated ‘Others’ once upon a time and when needed he will fight these evil ‘Others’ once again. According to the red priestess Melisandre, this hero is Stannis. But some readers doubt this, some think the priestess doesn’t have clear enough visions to predict this and this hero could well be Jon Snow also. The Azor Ahai does not have to be one individual- it could also be the three dragon heads- of which one is surely Daenerys. And the other two  are proposed to be Jon Snow and Tyrion as we mentioned above.

Who are the Others ?

It is speculated that the Others may not be the evil people that is commonly believed. It is thought that they probably made a pact to stay in North and not allow men to enter from the south beyond the Wall. Or it could be that they feel threatened by the return of dragons , just like the people of Westeros feel fear from the cold and how the Walkers fear fire.

Lastly, one of the most loved GoT top fan theories is-

Jon Snow and Meera Reed are twins

Among all GoT top fan theories, as we saw the story of Lyanna dying after childbirth previously, this theory states she gave birth to two children. So it would mean that Ned had the responsibility to care for these two children. He probably had them split for their own safety, keeping Jon with himself in Winterfell and entrusting the other child with someone reliable. After the battle, out of Ned’s companions, only Howland Reed survived- his two children Jojen and Meera have been introduced in the series when they assisted Bran Stark in finding a three-eyed raven.

Many things seem to line up- Jon and Meera are the same age, born the same year Lyanna died, they have exceptionally similar looks- both having wavy dark hair and slim built

If this theory is true, this means Meera is actually Lyanna’s daughter and Jon’s twin sister who was taken away to Greywater Watch to be raised by Howland Reed.

GoT is one of the most discussed shows on internet

The halo effect of GoT fan frenzy is high to the extent that the internet just cannot get enough of it. There are much more GoT top fan theories which can be explored in this exclusive Reddit.

Do you know any GoT top fan theories, which have captured your attention?

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