And the man behind iron mask in Flash is

Flash is running lightning fast with glory on our television. The show has seen some massive plot twists and turns which ultimately end up defining the crux of the show. One of the mysteries ongoing the show is regarding the man in the iron mask.

Who is he? Why is he kept in the imprisonment by Zoom? Questions like such are bound to tizz your mind if, you are a regular viewer of the show.

The man in the iron mask – Identity revealed!

A lot has been said about this interesting character who, at times, is seen in the captivity of Zoom. If you want to wait till the end for the show to reveal the identity then you are most certainly advised to stay away from this post.

We think the guy in the iron mask is none other than Jay Garrick… OMG I said it!

Why do I say so?

Because in a particular shot, the blonde hair of the prisoner is seen clearly. Now, any regular viewer can make out the odds and possibilities for Jay to be the man in the iron mask. We are no different.

Another reason why I am pushing this is because that dude is kept in a speedster proof captivity. Until and unless there is good Jay Garrick is involved there is a little explanation.

To add fuel to our speculating fire, Greg Berlanti the show creator tweeted this add I have an honest feeling that we are on the right track.

Movie Pilot has a similar theory, which is explained very nicely by Kurt Arthur. You can read all about it here.

The rest I leave up to you, go figure!

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