Meet the Winchesters from Supernatural

Supernatural is one of the most popular shows but without the Winchesters, this would have never been possible. The Winchesters Sam (played by Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Played by Jensen Ackles) are the main protagonists of the show. They’re brothers who would not mind putting their lives at stake to save the world from demons, shapeshifters and all kinds of crazy that might or might not exist.

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Sam and Dean Winchester are the sons of John Winchester who is a hunter and eventually the boys take the place of their dad in this supernatural hunting journey. When Sam and Dean were kids their mother dies in a fire and this fire sets their entire house on fire. Being kids, Sam and Dean were too young to understand what was actually happening. Sam was an infant while the 4-year-old Dean carries his brother out of the house. From the moment Dean took little Sam out of that burning house, he felt a sense of responsibility, the need to protect and watch out for his baby brother. Every time their Dad went hunting down demons and other kinds of monsters, Dean would take care of his brother.

 Sam and Dean will make you fall in love with your siblings

Sam was an infant when the fire gulped their house down and the boys lost their mother. He grew up with his brother Dean and his father John Winchester. His father would often go on hunting trips and Sam would stay with his brother. Dean at the age of four saw his world collapse when their mother died. As the boys grew up, Dean would do everything for Sam, like a mom he would cook for Sam, take care of him and protect him. Dean always knew about what their father did but as Sam was younger he had no idea. As they grew older Sam would become more and more curious and often ask what exactly their father did. What kind of job did he do? was always trained by their father so that he would be able to protect his family and also fight demons and other monsters. Until Sam was 8 years old he knew nothing. Dean just tells Sam their father was a superhero.


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Sam then reveals that he found their Dad’s journal and asks Dean what is true and what is not. Dean tells Sam everything. He reveals that everything in the journal is indeed true and tells him how their dad is a real superhero and how he fights all kinds of supernatural beings and saves lives.

The Winchesters’ GRIMM!

When they grow up, Sam decides he wants to join a college. Dean continues the family business with his father. Later on, their dad goes missing and Dean asks Sam to join him in the hunt and his journey to look for their father. Even the thought of it made Sam angry. Sam never liked how their childhood was always so messed up, they had to move and change houses very often and the thought of dad fighting with supernatural beings is definitely not what a child would fancy. Dean never had a problem or thought their family business was a problem. He was like his father you could say. After thinking about it Sam agrees and decides to aid Dean in searching for their father but only on one condition that they will return back not later than the following Monday. The Winchesters try finding their father and look for his last case but it is not there anymore. Sam thinks it’s over and he can go back to living a normal life but that is definitely what fate had in mind for him. He finds his girlfriend being killed in the same way as his mother when he returns back home. This incident trigger’s his hunter blood and this is where the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester actually starts to begin.

Throughout the series, Sam and Dean meet different people, solve various cases and what would seem like a mystery, a horrific dream to normal human beings. Their relationship, as time passes grows even more strong, they do not mind getting killed themselves if that guarantees the safety of the other. Dean, like his father, is an excellent hunter. Sam has certain supernatural powers like immunity to certain demonic powers, etc.

We love this bromance to the core

You cannot help but fall in love with if not both but at least one of the brothers. Not only the actors playing Sam and Dean are total eye candies but also their acting is unbelievably good. Their relationship as brothers as well as the plot won’t fail to not only excite and thrill you but also tug at your heart strings. Nothing is as important as family to the Winchesters and they will do anything and everything to save each other.

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