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narcos tv show review

Narcos belongs to the storytelling genre where there is a very fine line between fact and fiction. After the lofty attainment of several television series flicks, Netflix is suddenly a hot spot for serialized dramas.

Narcos is a crime genre television series created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro, originally airing on 28th August 2015, as a Netflix exclusive. A classic tale of drugs, sex, and violence which intrigues the minds of the audience, which Netflix also advertises as

First they got the coke, then they got the money, now the cartels need the power.

Right from the beginning, it tells you certain aspects of the story  has been changed in certain ways for dramatization. In general, it goes like this the major events that take place in the story really happened in the real life. Narrated by a self-righteous, megalomaniac; drug enforcement agent Steve Murphy; played by Boyd Holbrook. The drama between the characters is real- that’s the show.

The show chronicles the main events that happened in Colombia and Escobar’s relationship with them.

The rise of Pablo Escobar

Narcos does a great job by introducing us to the figure of Pablo Escobar(played by Wagner Moura). It enthralls the audience by introducing this magic cookie infamous drug kingpin Pablo, who eventually became a billionaire through the production and distribution of the strong stimulant, Cocaine.

The first few episodes revolve around the life of this drug lord from seventies to nineties when he managed to escape prison, La Catedral. An established black marketer, majorly involved in the trade of cocaine; hooked up with an underground chemist, Mateo ‘Cockroach’ Moreno where they shook hands on the terms of the coke business. Cockroach used to cook and the former taking care of the distribution phase. He then develops larger laboratories and starts extensive distribution in the United States. There was a rapid growth of coke business in US markets and sacks of dollars were being fished out to Colombia. Pablo Escobar, who played Robin Hood to the poor folks of Colombia while stacking up billions of dollar bills in the cocaine business, rose to new heights.

Arrival of DEA

As the drug-related violence grew, America sent DEA to Colombia to tackle the situation. Agent Steve Murphy, along with Javier Pena (Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones) resolved to put an end to the flow of cocaine in the USA. Upon their arrival, Escobar is in a war with M-19, a rebel communist group who kidnaps a member of Ocha family. The Robin Hood forms an alliance with other black market criminals and forms a group, Death to Kidnappers, Having political aspirations and wishes to become the president of Columbia. Though elected as a congressman, was proved to have criminal ties. Well, he plots his revenge!

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Extradition Plan & Palace Of Justice

The Colombian congress passed this extradition plan, narcotics to be extradited to the United States if caught. Escobar threatens the government to revoke the plan. Colombian minister of Justice is executed by the drug kingpin. DEA finally catches Escobar’s accountant, Blackbeard, and sufficient evidence is collected against the drug lord and kept under strict vigilance and high security in the ‘Palace of Justice’. Escobar hires his old foes M-19 and commands them to attack the Palace of Justice and burn all the evidence.

Pablo Escobar : Head-on with the Government of Columbia

Politicians and several business associates turned against him. Escobar kidnaps the daughter of ex-president and urges to negotiate a peace treaty between the government and the Medellin cartel.  The government accepts his deal and he faces detention under the walls of La Catedral, guarded by his own men.

This deal also suspended the extradition plans. Escobar’s cousin and right-hand man, Gustavo is killed by a special operation force ‘Search Bloc’. Faces some serious competition from the rival Cali cartels. DEA started tracking movements of people going in and coming out of La Catedral and under strict vigil, observed two associated entered and never left. Rumors were that they were killed and the government issued his transport to a jail in Bogota; so they can secure the La Catedral. Escobar disapproves and the army surrounds the prison. The vice minister of justice, Eduardo Sandoval forgets that he doesn’t have a cooperation treaty with Pablo, yet decides to move in the walls of the prison and is surprised by being held as a hostage and make special demands to the president. The president is fed up and calls for special force team to eliminate Escobar. Sandoval is rescued safely, yet he manages to escape with a few of his men.

Narcos reception and reviews

Mixed reviews, many people complained about the subtitles, as 75% of the show is in Spanish. The use of a narrator sometimes being too heavy. Spanish speakers complaining about the accents, which could be distracting.

Narcos describes narco-trafficking in the mind of a psychopath entrepreneur. It’s exhilarating and terrifying. It makes you wonder what kind of tactic the narco-traffickers are going to use next to overwhelm their adversaries.

So, is Narcos worth it?

Ultimately, for all its intentional ambivalence in places, Narcos is most memorable for the way it makes clear the intense difference between being brave and actually meaning it. That alone may be worth 10 hours of your time. Amongst all the other programs I’ve watched so far, Narcos, though extremely binge-worthy, stands somewhere in the upper half of the deck. Narcos is beautiful to watch and has a very interesting story to tell, with fascinating sculpted characters.

This series is meant to be binged- a ten-hour story. Anyway, I’d say just clear a weekend!

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