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prison break s05e01


Yes, finally the opening episode Prison Break S05E01 premiered on FOX and I am glad to inform you that it seems to be a promising roller coaster ride. Earlier this year when the Prison Break trailer released, it garnered a huge response from fans who earlier thought the show to have set peacefully. But who knew that the party is just getting started.

Prison Break Season 5 Trailer

Prison Break S05E01 Plot

Yes, obviously they set up a new prison to be broken out of but it’s more subtle than that. The characters are all trying to move on from their pasts but the world just won’t let up. Sara is trying to move on from Michael with their son, who has till now only heard stories about his father.

Lincoln has fallen back into his original ways and on the other hand, can’t move on from his old life and in that way, he brings back in the element the show was missing in its last two seasons. It’s always a tough tryst with the inner self that lays the heart of this show and this tussle of Lincoln helps pave the storyline back to its glorious self.

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