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Prison Break is that saga which carries the values of relationships to the end. I have never come across such storyline which highlights the importance of brotherhood. The story revolves around a man, Michael Scofield, on his main goal to break his brother out of jail. Michael is persuaded that his sibling, Lincoln Burrows, is guiltless of the wrongdoing for which he was submitted, which was the homicide of the Vice President’s brother. Burrows is on death row and booked for execution within a month. Scofield must make connections on the prison block that will aid him in his escape, but foes are sure to slow down the work pace of Michael’s plans.

I suspected that Prison Break was a mind boggling and extraordinary appearance. From a story buff’s point of view, I felt that this show made a great thriller with regards to the story . I was enthralled the whole time I was viewing it and I thought the show had certain plot turns, which I adore. The characters are hard to love, which is all real to the life. No character on Prison Break, ought to ever be seen being immaculate and constantly great at the same time.

Michael Scofield aims to break his brother out of prison

I adored Michael Scofield the most, as he generally attempted to make the best decision, and was about constantly faithful and good. He declined to murder anybody, and constantly found a route around harming others. The show always represented the ethical war being pursued inside Michael’s head, and this was interesting to me as a viewer. In spite of the fact that he never pulled the trigger, individuals’ lives were destroyed by a percentage of the things Michael expected to do to get his sibling out of jail. Throughout the show, you could see the weight that Michael tackled himself for the bad that had been done.

Prison Break has humane characters

The components of Good versus Bad were extremely obvious in this appearance and were not just depicted by the “great folks” or simply the “awful folks.” You generally were exposed to good and bad in every character. Indeed, even the most detested character, Theodore Bagwell aka ‘T-Bag’, killed recklessly and a convicted sex offender was not at all bad. Viewers could see his more defenseless minutes and even felt sorry for him once in a while. The show was incredible at exhibiting the hazy areas of life. Not very many things are ever highly contrasting, but instead a thick shade of dark.

In the first season of Prison Break, we find Michael making connections, conspiring his arrangements and remaining totally engaged. Michael appears to have each edge thoroughly considered and each possibility considered. Michael seems to have every angle thought out and every contingency considered. Only when Lincoln was about to executed did his plans fall apart. If it wasn’t for that rouge call from the judge, Lincoln would have been fried. It was only when the plane took off the runway, leaving the convicts waving down the plane, that it finally sank in. Some things can’t be accounted for. And I just have to say, for about 45 minutes of that final episode in season 1, I was holding my breath. I couldn’t trust the measure of tension that hinted at the last escape. I discovered my heart dashing like a dubstep beat.

Man; that first season was strong!

Season 2 was exceptionally intriguing as I would see it as well. I adored the new addition of FBI Agent Alex Mahone heading up a team to recover the escaped convicts. William Fichtner did an incredible job as the FBI agent In this season, we take after the pack as they endeavor to get away from the grip of the law and stay low and not get noticed by other civilians. You would think that with all of Michael’s knowledge and foreplanning, he would have decided it was a smart idea to purchase some decent disguises for himself and his brother. It seemed like the ‘main problem’ the brothers and the Foxriver captives were running into was being made by the local populous. Anyway, aside from that, I enjoyed the suspense of the Foxriver Eight trying not to get caught. Season 2 was not worse than season 1, just different in design. I still loved it though

Season 3 starts with an interesting twist. At the end of season 2, it seemed like it was all over. Lincoln was exonerated for his crimes, they had a boat in Panama, Michael’s girlfriend Sara , and the money.  Then Agent Kim enters the scene to screw everything up. He has Lincoln and Michael at gunpoint at the boat and is out for blood. Just as he is about to shoot, Sara comes from the back of the boat and shoots Kim in the chest. Kim falls into the water dead. The money falls into the river and is lost. Sirens from the Panama police are heard in the distance. Michael and Sara run and Lincoln escapes in the other direction. Michael takes the fall for the murder and is thrown into Sona Prison, the worst of the worst, and from where no one has ever escaped. Season 3 wasn’t exactly my favorite, but it was still interesting enough. The entire season is about Michael trying to free a man named James Whistler. The Company wants Whistler out of Sona and is holding Lincoln’s son and Sara as collateral until Michael complies.

Wentworth Miller does a tremendous job as Michael Scofield

Michael doesn’t exactly have a lot of time, and Sona is the kind of place where inmates regularly die from feuds. Lincoln is working on the outside to help Michael, but things aren’t easy. Lincoln decides to try and find his son and Sara before they are killed, and after Sara gave the brothers a clue as to where she was, Lincoln investigates. He finds where they are held, but fails to free them by seconds. Gretchen Morgan, the woman holding the two captives, decides to send Michael and Lincoln a message for their insolence, so she cuts off Sara’s head and puts it in a box for Lincoln to find. This was easily the most darkly intense moment of the season. In short: Michael escapes with Whistler and Whistler leaves with Gretchen.

In Season 4, we find Michael devoting his entire focus to finding Gretchen and Whistler. His rage after finding out Gretchen beheaded Sara is palpable. Takes them out at gunpoint, discovering that Sara was never killed. Sara escaped and Gretchen didn’t want to lose credibility on the brothers. This season is all about taking The Company down. A team is put together, The Brothers, Sucre (Michaels cell mate in Foxriver Prison), Mahone, Brad Bellick, Sara, and Roland Glenn, the techy. The team was put together by Homeland Security Agent Don Self. This

This season, in my opinion, was the most complex. The Company, the reason for so many deaths surrounding each member of the team, was finally being taken down. Each member had a reason to take down the company. Each member knew someone killed by The Company in order to carry out The Company’s selfish plans.

The season ends with The Company being taken down and justice coming to those responsible. Still, you feel like you have to take a deep breath after it all comes to a slow. The scene where Michael is at the table about to hand over Scylla, which is Company’s black book and patented ecological technologies worth billions; in exchange for exoneration. He hands over the Scylla, his team is fully exonerated and their families safe. Everything that they had been fighting for the past 4 years in the show Prison Break, was finally coming to fruition.

As a viewer, Prison Break finale feels good. Like taking a deep breath after tense lungs are relaxed. If you were a viewer of the show, you know how it ends. I feel like the ending is very appropriate and beautiful.

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