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Out of the recent American TV series, which have garnered great attention is one new show, Quantico. It is a thriller series created by Joshua Safran which was first broadcasted on television in September 2015. It revolves around the story of Alex Parrish who is a suspect of a crime of terror. Her story is relayed to the audience at the FBI Academy in Quantico. It stars Priyanka Chopra , Josh Hopkins, Jake McLaughlin, Aunjanue Ellis, Yasmine Al Massri, Johanna Braddy among others. The first season had a total of 22 episodes and the second season airing commenced on March 3, 2016.

Priyanka Chopra stars as new FBI recruit Alex Parrish

In the series, the audience follows the stories of different FBI recruits and their lives as the main plot is carried forward, we are introduced to the past of the individuals who endure the training at the academy in Quantico. However, much later, after graduating from the academy, one of these recruits is suspected to be the brains behind a terror attack on New York City after 11th September 2001 attacks.

The show revolves around certain characters which include,

  • Alex Parrish- She is an FBI agent who becomes the prime suspect in a terrorist attack. She claims to be innocent and framed by some party and she sets out to find those who are responsible for dragging her into this. Alex is played by Priyanka Chopra.
  • Miranda Shaw- Director of the training program at Quantico and mentor to Alex- she is of the opinion that Alex is innocent
  • Liam O’Connor – He is also an FBI agent who was involved in a romantic relationship with Miranda and was eventually demoted to work at the academy instead.
  • Ryan Booth- An undercover FBI agent who falls in love with Alex despite his job being to track her
  • Shelby Wyatt- She is a wealthy woman with a few family corporations, she is Alex’s best friend.
  • Nimah and Raina – They are twins who have been allowed into the program by Miranda and they pretend to be one person by the name Nimah. Out of the twins, Nimah is more interested in working as a special agent than Raina, but Raina’s abilities are far better suited for becoming a successful agent.

Quantico has received mixed reviews from online critics. It received an average rating of 6.6/10. While some are praising good quality acting, others are pointing out the unoriginal concepts.

Quantico promises a pulsating narrative between past and present

In the series, the viewer is presented with intercuts which keep going back and forth from Quantico FBI academy days (when they were recruits) and the terror attack days which has a gap of six months. Every episode ends with a ‘mystery’ or ‘cliff hanger’, but it’s not that difficult to keep up with it.

An interesting, recurring idea to notice is how none of the recruits is actually what they are believed to be in the beginning. All these stories unfold as the series progresses. Ryan is actually an undercover agent, Nimah is not just one person but actually twins impersonating as one person who have their own mission.etc. They all have their own secret agenda and purpose for joining the Academy.

As far as believability of the plot and story line is concerned, only those who are experienced in the field can comment on how accurate it is. For casual viewers, it can be assumed that FBI academy flings and relationships are a thing, despite the extremely strict rules.

But there are some inaccuracies which cannot be not overlooked, for example, in a scene we see the recruits shooting behind the firing line, so far so good, but in the same shot, you see one recruit casually talking on a phone. First of all, how could that person even hear anything with loud firing shots all over the place, and secondly, how can he wander around in the area in front of the firing line? In real life, that person would either be shot dead by a practice shot or be kicked out of the academy for using a phone.

Another scene in which all recruits are required to return their weapons and take new ones, one cadet keeps his arms to himself, a clear violation of the rules, again, unforgivable in the real world.

Viewers have shown mixed feelings for Quantico

Some criticize that the story is too far-fetched, but that is the characteristic of a fictional TV show anyway and it cannot be blamed for tweaking reality a bit for the purpose of extracting some  entertainment out of it.

Even if the solid plot of Quantico was great , it is silly flaws like these which leave a bitter taste in the mouth while watching it. No, we do not expect the TV show to portray 100% accurate information, but the lack of technical knowledge of how the FBI functions can get annoying for viewers.

It’s Priyanka Chopra’s one of the finest performances as an actor

Quantico with its many flaws can be said to have been saved by the better than passable acting with much praise for Priyanka. she won Favorite Actress in A New TV Series in ‘Peoples Choice Award 2016’ for this series.

You will enjoy Quantico if you are either one of these two- If you are new to the world of thriller TV shows or you are a Priyanka Chopra fan.

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