Reasons why we love Jon Snow

Lord Commander of Night’s Watch Jon Snow has been one of the most talked about characters in Game of thrones. Every fan will know how everyone in the community seems to be in love with Jon Snow with many claiming that Snow is the only one really worth rooting on throughout the seasons. Kit Harrington, the actor who plays Jon Snow, seems quite pleased with the way his is role carved out in this epic fantasy drama series. in If you have followed the Tv series but not the books, you may be confused about why the ‘fan favorite’ is Snow.

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Well, but

who is this, John Snow?

And what’s the big deal around him anyway? Today, let us look into why the online fan community is going gaga over the major Game of Thrones character.

To state the obvious, Snow is actually one of the good guys who is also one of the main characters in the unending list of other main characters. He is the illegitimate son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell who is the head the Stark house and his mother’s identity is kept secret from him by his father.


Kit Harrington plays Jon Snow on GoT

Here are some of the reasons why Snow seems to draw in the masses

Jon is the nicest personality in the entire series

In short, it is very difficult to not like him! This is especially true when you will find dozens of characters to hate throughout the series some of whom are downright ruthless and evil. Compared to them, Snow almost seems angelic.

  • In most situations throughout the series, you will find the individuals carrying out some or the other self-serving objective.  For example Cersei- We have only seen her fulfilling her selfish interests or using her actions to impress others- even if it means killing Tyrion, Robert Baratheon and indirectly killing Ned Stark.
  • Everyone couldn’t care less as long as their scheme goes as planned. And with the engulfing presence of disgusting beasts like Joffrey Baratheon or Craster, Snow simply stands out. It is evident that he holds on to some morals and values above his own personal interest. He is a strong character but has a gentle and loving side to him as well- this is what makes him so likable.
  • Speaking of morals, Snow has proved himself as one who is unafraid to the ‘right thing’ as we rarely see him violating his own code of ethics. He faces situations like a man of honor and instead of using scheming tactics, he relies on the moral code and his conscience. It is a good change to see an individual sticking up for that which just and this is proven time and again.
  • He is a conventional ‘Hero’ in many ways as we see him battle for the greater good. There are incidences where he does make a few miscalculations but we always see him owning up to it, listening to the advice of another and not running away from his mistakes or trying to justify it.
  • Despite many odds , Jon Snow managed to be a recognized commander when he decided to go to the Wall and join the Night’s Watch. Eevn when he was faced with the temptation of ruling Winterfell, he refused the offer and chose to listen to the voice of his moral insight instead.

It is easy to sympathize with Snow

 Nice people are easy to like. Its as simple as that, but if you add the fact that he was always the outsider because of his birth status, being kept off the other privileges and status his half siblings received, you can’t help but feel for Snow. He doesn’t really feel acceptance from his ‘mother’ Catelyn the lady of Winterfell or his half sister Sansa until season 6.

He is similar in abilities and skill with his half-brother Robb but he is considered of lowly status despite having no other drawbacks to his potential and capabilities. He is denied the riches and inheritance that his half siblings receive. Despite this, he loves his family and stands as a support system that his friends can rely on.

He is a well balanced, talented fellow

Jon Snow really is good at a lot of things fighting, spying, planning and shows great skill in combat overall. He doesn’t brood over his life troubles and knows how to move ahead and make best of a situation.

Given his background, it is quite understandable if he grows to hate and hold grudges against his family for treating him differently or for making fun of him. After all, he feels isolated and receives a lot of hate from Catelyn, his father’s wife.

But instead, he is shown to have a good bonding with half-brother Robb and is good natured with and fond of  his younger half-siblings.

He is brave, skilled,handsome, a natural leader, kind and righteous- what’s not to like?

In the series, it is difficult to find a character similar to Snow and he basically stands out. There are not many heroes in Game of Thrones but Jon Snow is one character who comes close to it.

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