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Supernatural is an American fantasy horror television series created by Eric Kripke. It was 1st broadcasted in 2005 and has completed 11 seasons till now. Supernatural became the longest-running North American horror, science fiction series. The series is filmed in British Columbia and several years were spent by the creator for the development of the place. He first thought it as a movie; the concept went through different phases before the launch. He wanted to portray the stories as road trip series as it’s purely American and best to convey, also, such activities usually happen in small towns so it made more sense to drive in and out of the stories.

Supernatural delivers epic bromance amidst total chaos

The series primarily focuses on brothers Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, as they travel throughout the country to hunt down the supernatural evils. Dean and Sam have a dynamic chemistry in spite of being totally different characters which work for the show. Dean is the funny guy while Sam takes things seriously.There are not many lead characters in the series but there are reappearing characters.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrays John Winchester, father of Sam and Dean. As they solve the numerous cases, there are many temporary characters in the show.

The show has a nice storyline with some kick ass rock music

Taking a look at the storyline, the drama is about the two Winchester brothers Dean and Sam who were nurtured by their father John. 22 years ago their mother was murdered by a supernatural spirit horribly in front of their father when boys were young, Dean was four years old and Sam was only six months old. Their lives were never the same again. The deaths of his wife made their father devastated and determined to find the cause. This incident also motivated the Winchester brothers to hunt down and kill such supernatural beings. Their motto:


However, they were unable to find the thing that killed their mother. Sam has constant clashes with his father and became disinterested with hunter’s lifestyle and joined college. He fell in love with a girl named Jessica Moore in college. After years of isolation, Dean showed up at Jessica and Sam, to find their father who recently went missing. At first, Sam refused as he loved his safe life with Jessica and didn’t want to go back to the hunter’s lifestyle again, but when he finds out Jessica dead similarly as his mother died. The brothers go to find their father and hunt down the evil spirits. When they meet up, he discloses that he found that what killed their mother, a demon, and knows the way to find and kill it. In the meantime, Sam starts to develop some intimidating power; death vision, visions of people dying before they actually die in reality. These visions are somehow related to the demon that killed his mother and the demon’s plans seem to be rotating all around Sam. John dies in a striking deal with the very same devil that killed the mother, now the brothers alone without their guide, mentor father are determined to carry the struggle that their father started.

The longest running horror based show on American television

They help other hunters to kill as many monsters as they can. They all become a family and decide they will do anything to save the family.  Going up against demons, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, demigods, witches, the four horsemen and even angels among the other things. Later some shocking revelations are made regarding Sam and John’s last words to Dean.
Supernatural is an enchanting show and the writing makes the characters believable. There are spooky plots that deliver quite an intrigue. In this show, humour is also placed very smartly. At one time you are biting nails at the edge of your seat and next you are laughing at some dialogue, this makes the show different and interesting.

Supernatural in a nutshell

It is an amazing show that chills and thrills the viewers and keeps them hooked up for the next episode. The show has gripping story lines, frightening visual effects and great theme and music. A scary show that shivers you up and keeps you interested, Supernatural reminds us what TV show should be like. It has nonstop action and mystery, the comedy is brilliant. The bonus is that there are only two lead characters in the show so it is easy to catch up and understand. The show is quite addictive and every episode is a super horror and thriller. So if you like a good horror/thriller with supernatural themes, you should be chasing up Supernatural.

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