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sherlock the abominable bride

Remember the name: Sherlock

Creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have mesmerized the viewers with the BBC run hit show Sherlock for over 5 years now. The first episode was aired in mid 2010 and there has been no looking back since. The viewership just keeps on swelling with each passing season creating an intense buzz. So far there have been 3 seasons starting from 2010 and the latest new year special episode aired on 1st January 2016. The concept of the special episode came in handy as next season shoot is still in the pipeline and the fans are left bereft of their favourite show for a long time.

The show received the most wins at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in August 2014, including Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special for Steven Moffat, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie for Benedict Cumberbatch, and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie for Martin Freeman.

New Year special episode: The Abominable bride

Set in the era of horse-drawn carriages, snowfall and the iconic pipe, the episode starts with Dr Watson suffering from PTSD off second Afghan war after returning to England. Sherlock Holmes is seen working pro bono in a  lab with a weird opening scene. The creators didn’t leave a single stone unturned in capitalising on the USP of the show which is why the introductory scene of Mr Holmes can be seen as the curtain raiser where he is seen beating a corpse for some forensic experiment.

The process of elimination/deduction the signature logic used by Sherlock to figure out unthinkable stuff at the drop of a hat…for instance one glance at Dr Watson; and he deduced the needful declaring – Been in Afghanistan, I believe!!! The episode manifests a similar pattern in picking out a case as the last episodes, via the journals of Dr Watson.

No case pushed my friend to such mental and physical extremes as the abominable bride.

Coming to the plot, the victim, the abominable bride Emilia Ricolette blew her brains out in the broad daylight in front of a gathering only to realize that the same woman has killed her husband few days later. The question is how can a dead woman commit a crime??(smell a nail biter!)

You can only imagine the intrigue this case caused which led Dr Watson and Mr Holmes christening it as extraordinary and superb respectively. Meanwhile, the political scenario is shown at the backdrop of women fighting for their equal voting rights which can be put synonymous to the current state of affairs where the fairer sex is breaking out of the moribund shackles of a male-dominated society.


See you soon!

Benedict Cumberbatch has once again pulled a rabbit out of thin air in this pulsating portrayal of the iconic spy. The understanding with which he eliminates the odds is quite amazing. Whereas Martin Freeman encapsulates the role of the doting sidekick with great aplomb. He also manages to beat Sherlock to the art of deduction when the famous detective deduces the wrinkles on officer Lestrade’s forehead as him being embarrassed, to which Dr Watson interferes deducing Lestrade being afraid…

The brothers Grimm – Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes

we have all seen Mycroft taking a jibe at his younger brother but in this episode the tussle got a little uncomfortable for our favourite spy when Mycroft said –

It’s no easy thing for a great mind to contemplate a still greater one

Enter Moriarty – The Napoleon of crime

Every great story has a greater villain and Moriarty as we know is the arch nemesis of great Sherlock Holmes. The dent of self-doubt, which he conspires, is the biggest doubt which is hostile enough to derail Sherlock’s mind palace off its rails. There is again a very beautiful line delivered by Moriarty to Sherlock during one rendezvous inside his mind palace –

It’s not the fall that kills you…it’s the landing(pretty deep right?)

End Note

This episode is a treat for all the Sherlock fans out there as it gleefully envelopes all necessary protocols. Be it a violin playing Sherlock amidst John and Mary’s domestic bickering or the part where everything from random timelines starts pointing towards something graver; is classic British style which will make you fall in love with that era. So do watch it and share your rants in the comments below.



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