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Who were the Tudors?

The Tudors is based on the reign and marriages of King Henry VIII. It is a British-Irish-Canadian ancient fiction set mainly in the sixteenth-century England. The series is named after the Tudor Dynasty, however, it purely reflects the life and King Henry VIII and his kingdom.

The legend of King Henry VIII

The Tudors is a costume drama series which imitates England’s prime time under King Henry VIII.  The series revolves around the King’s desperation for an heir and how he becomes obsessed with Anne Boleyn. As he was distant from his first wife, the want of a child moves him closer to Anne Boleyn. The series represent betrayals, evil plots and the unpleasant political moves made by the governing bodies under King Henry VIII. The season consists of 4 seasons which started in 2007 and ended with the fourth season’s finale in 2010. With a total of 38 episodes, The Tudors give a medieval experience to the viewers which has never been witnessed before.

The Tudors storyline

Season 1 begins with King Henry’s unsuccessful first marriage with the Queen, Katherine of Aragon. The King is desperate of an heir but his distance from the Queen restricts this. He becomes a father to his one of his mistresses and as the season continues, he falls in love with Anne Boleyn. As the season unfolds, Anne Boleyn falls in love with the King as well. However, King Henry has to divorce his first wife. In season 2, the highlight of King Henry’s third marriage with Lady Jane as Anne Boleyn suffers two miscarriages conceiving only a princess. King Henry’s intention to marry Anne Boleyn causes many executions and deaths in season 2. As the season two ends, the story continues with King Henry’s third wife. The 3rd season results in the death of Kings 3rd wife as she became pregnant. The season continues with King Henry’s fourth marriage with Anne of Cleves. However, unhappy with the attractiveness of his new Queen, he falls for the teenage mistress Catherine Howard. In the 4th and the last season, his mistress Catherine Howard becomes his fifth wife. However, Catherine hides her past from the King by giving executive posts to her lie bearers. King Henry finds about Catherine’s lovers and love history. Catherine is executed along with all of her lie bearers and her lovers leading to the Kings sixth wedding with Catherine Parr.

Filming and the cast of The Tudors

This drama pumped series was created by Peace Arch Entertainment and was filmed in Ireland. Michael Hirst’s brilliant creation focused on the mediaeval times of England in the rule of King Henry VIII. This series was created for Showtime (a TV network) and it remained the highest-rated series for this network for three consecutive years. The stars of this show in the leading roles were Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry VIII, Maria Kennedy as Catherine of Aragon, Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn and Tamzin Merchant as Catherine Howard.

The Tudors is a fantastic show which showcases the life and times of King Henry VIII. The series takes many liberties making it an entertainer rather than a biographic film on the King himself!

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