What to Expect from Netflix’s Iron Fist – Little Heads-up!


Marvel has been dishing out these original series that are just amazing and no one knows how these shows are going to connect to the MCU but it seems that it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

So far we’ve had shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage to keep us occupied and happy, and they’ve all been fantastic in their own way. These shows are also leading to the next show The Defenders, a small screen gathering of superheroes which is very much like the big screen Avengers gathering.

But before all of that jazz happens, there is one more hero that the Marvel universe must introduce on the small screen, Iron Fist, the final Defender.

Marvel Iron Fist – The Plot

The story follows the story of Danny Rand, who has come back to New York city to reclaim his family company. He was presumed to be dead for the past 15 years, in which time he’s been in the mystical city of K’un-Lun learning the power of the Iron Fist or magical Kung Fu.

When a new enemy comes to town, however, Rand is forced to choose between his obligations as the Iron Fist and the family legacy he has tried so hard and fought to preserve.

In fact, you might actually be able to recognize Danny Rand from another internationally acclaimed drama – Game of Thrones. Finn Jones previously played the role of SerLoras Tyrell in the HBO hit show.

He’s also had other famous spots in shows like Hollyoaks and The Bill and he also had a guest appearance on The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Jones isn’t a first-timer when it comes to television shows with a huge following, just in case you thought he’d be worried about the responsibility this role brings with it.

Along with Finn Jones is also Jessica Henwick as Collen Wing, “an ally of Rand who runs her own martial arts dojo in New York City.”Henwick also appeared in Game of Thrones when she played the character of Nymeria Sand, and also in Star Wars: The Force Awaken as  X-Wing pilot Jess Pava.

David Wenham will play the villain of the show, Harold Meachum. Wenham previously played Faramir in Lord of the Rings. Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey will also join the cast and will play the characters of Joy and War, Meachum’s children.

Iron Fist is also set in the same Marvel universe that you see in the big screen adaptations of Captain America and Dr. Strange. And the show links directly to Netflix and Marvel’s other endeavors like Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage.

Another Marvel show based in New York

New York is a very big city, we all know that. What we also know is that Marvel wants to show the Big Apple from four different perspectives. We’ve got two perspectives already, from Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and we also got the third one, so Iron Fist with add the fourth perspective that we need.

After all four perspectives are done, Marvel plans on bringing all four superheroes together for The Defenders.

The show will be much sillier than its counterpart shows

Well, Jessica Jones and Daredevil are pretty gritty and grounded when it comes to them being superheroes and all, but Iron Fist will have slightly different tone when it comes to that. Unlike his blue collar compatriots, Rand a.k.a Iron Fist, is, as showrunner Scoot Buck has said, “a billionaire New York Buddhist monk martial arts superhero.”

So it’s not going to be a comedy of any kind, but it will stand by that long term that Buck used and will accept and use the silliness of its premise to some extent.

Iron Fist the character has debuted before Iron Fist the show

We may not know the exact air date for the show but impatient fans need not worry. We’ve already seen him in Luke Cage, since the two characters are really close to each other in comic books as well.

Those who’ve read Marvel know that Luke Cage and Iron Fist have come together in many comics and they’ve even been reunited in the brand new Power Man and Iron Fist title.

One look at the pages of the comic book and you know that we might get to see a dynamic and humorous duo in the form of Luke Cage and Danny Rand. There will be a lot of tension between the two, between Danny’s wise cracking comments and Luke’s more stoic nature, there will be a Lethal Weapon situation.

And the two even have a shared history with each other. At one point, Danny even wore the Daredevil costume in a bid to confuse the public to believe that matt Murdock wasn’t, in fact, the masked vigilante.

He’s got things in common with Jessica Jones as well

When we’re talking about rich heirs, every good billionaire heir needs to a good caretaker for his estate. And in the comic books, that job in consideration of the Rand estate, fell to Jeryn Hogarth, who developed a bond with Danny after the younger Rand’s return from K’unLun.

If you’ve seen Jessica Jones then you know that the counterpart to Jeryn Hogarth is Jeri Hogarth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’s played by Carrie-Anne Moss on Jessica Joes and she will crossover to Iron Fist as well.

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