The women empowerment in Game of Thrones (GoT)

Game of Thrones(GoT) is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. This series is set in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos. It is a story of claiming the throne and fighting for it. Currently, the 6th installment of the series is airing. You can watch it on HBO Entertainment and Hotstar.

GoT has become a household name because of its immense popularity. Along with the enjoyment, game of thrones also took upon many life lessons that can be taught with that series. It not only teaches you how to be clever but also provides you with instances that make you good with the situations.

Every scene has its own hidden practicality in it. The men in the series fight for the throne trying to claim it by any means. Some means are nobles and some are not so noble. The story has an equal balance which will make you aware of the shrewdness around you. Along with the men of the game of thrones, the gorgeous ladies in the series are more than eye candy. Each of them represents strength, power, intelligence and loyalty. These women face double the hardships than the men yet stand firm to their ground and not giving up on their goals and ambitions.

Cersei Lannister shows all her shades in GoT

The lady that lived for her family and for her children, Cersei Lannister. Her motherly love broke all barriers in the Westeros. She protected her child with all the possible ways. She possessed the self-confidence on herself and she knew how to survive in a place where men dominated the world. She paved her own way of survival in the society.

Sansa Stark, the girl who endured

Sansa Stark can be the best example of how you can uphold your family name in the midst of all the conspiracy and controversy. In her whole life she met with many mishaps but in every situation, she tried to remember her values that she received from her mother. She withholds the virtues no matter what accusations were thrown on her. She devotedly followed whatever she was instructed. Even though she always had faint idea whatever is happening to her may not be just, but she tried to make the best of the situation. She never complained of the misfortunes that life has thrown in front of her rather she decided to live through it boldly. She never tried to cheat or manipulate people around her. She always loved the people around her whole heartedly making one of the most desirable women in Westeros.

Brienne of  Tarth, she’s the man

Brienne of Tarth can be named as the epitome of loyalty. Her brave courage and her fight with the society thrived her to make her the only women in the Kings guard even in the history of Westeros. She has always been mocked for fighting like a man than being a proper lady but she never paid heed to all insults thrown to her way. She stood firm and achieved her lifetime goal of serving the king. She is one the most loyal and trusted in the land. For her oath to her king is the foremost priority. She can die to fulfill that oath.

Arya Stark, the mighty heart of GoT

Arya Stark, another daughter of the Stark household, is living example of courage. She might not be the oldest member of her family, but she grew up faster than her elder brothers. She understood the life at very young age. She is courageous and righteous. Along with it, she never fears to speak against what is wrong. She always voices out her opinion. Her intelligence is beyond any calculations. She is loyal to her friends and family. She can never forget if you dare to do any unjust to any of her friends. She is different from other ladies in the GoT. She does not dream of a house and comfortable life. She has her own goals and aspirations which are different from the society. But she does not care about the chains that the society wants to bar on her. She wants to fly on her own hence, she refuses to compromise on her living style.

Perseverance is what makes Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen teaches you that if you have the will you can achieve anything. That lady possessed nothing when she started the journey. But her firm belief in herself and her people made her come all the way. But she is not like the other people of the kingdom. She wants to rule but she wants to be different. She wants to rule for the people not for herself. She is kind, brave and down to earth. She never boasted of her strength or her achievements. She lived for the people around her.

Margaery Tyrell, the lady with an ambition

She is a daughter of the House Tyrell, who from childhood has seen the matriarchal way of leadership. It is Margaery’s deep desire to be at the helm of things which would ultimately raise the banner of her family. She is basically a power player who would do everything to stay on the throne.

Catelyn Start, the one who lost everything

Tragedies come in many faces and in GoT it undoubtedly bears the name of Catelyn Stark. After losing her husband in the beginning itself, she somehow manages to pull herself together. Later only to be murdered brutally after a formidable deceit and that too after watching his eldest son being daggered . Throughout the show, she is seen undergoing tough situations both as a wife or a mother. She also displays the angst and the wrath to fight back.

Apart from these names, there are some more female characters like – Ygritte, Melissandre, Ollie and Shae; who have strong impactful roles in Game of Thrones.

These all ladies are the example of women empowerment in the Westeros. These women survive in male dominating society without leaving their roots is most commendable. All these qualities are what is needed in today’s women to be successful in all field around us.

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